baby evelyn grace: newborn shoot

It feels like just yesterday I shot Amy and Eric's wedding and now they are the proud parents of the beautiful  baby girl, Evelyn Grace! What a joy she is in this home as her parents have been trying to wrap their minds around what it means to be responsible for, steward, raise and care for such a precious gift. No textbook can prepare you enough for parenting (so I hear) and so it is with grace and humility that these two are learning to walk each new step. What an amazing adventure where the Lord will shape and mold them to be more like Him. Another step in His good work of bringing them all to completion. Praise God that He never leaves us or forsakes us, but gives us the strength, wisdom, discernment, and grace we need through His Spirit to do for others what He has already done for us. This is how we know what love is. Congratulations Amy and Eric and I am in such awe as the Lord continues to work in you. Thank you again for the service that you do in our church and local community and for the privilege of letting me walk with you through each new season. Blessings and deep-rooted joy :)

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