andie and josh: wedding

My goodness, what a beautiful weekend it was in Ottawa, IL for Andie and Josh's wedding! I had first gotten to know Andrea in college after backpacking Europe together and had heard endless stories about the place she had grown up; her family, their home and the extra apartment above the garage, the coffee shop, and the real-Andrea that came alive when she was in her natural elements of nature. It was not until a few weeks ago however that I had the amazing opportunity to visit this unique place and to meet so many of these amazing people in her life. And, although I had only met Josh once during their engagement shoot, it was clear to me that the two of them were an amazing team. I was therefore so excited to be able to celebrate their marriage and gain insight into their communities of support this past month. Thank you so much for inviting us to not only celebrate you two as friends, but also to use our gifts and skills of photography to bless you and your families on such a special day! Your hospitality was so warm as you shared your home, community, and hearts with us. You guys are amazing. Blessings on your marriage, family, and life to come! Much love.

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