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2017: A Year in Review

I am sitting here realizing that it's 2018 and besides one blog post, I have not added ANYTHING to my blog in over a year. Man, sorry folks. That's what happens when you have a baby and then decide to move across the country. Sheesh. This has been a packed year indeed, and I thank God for our community of support and for the myriad of opportunities to keep doing what I love by sharing life with so many people through photography. So, I decided for my 100th post on Amy Coles Photography to do a quick "2017 in Review" blogpost from some of my favorite sessions. I hope you enjoy a taste of some of the glimmers of joy, love and peace I got to experience in this past year behind the lens. Happy New Years families and friends! I look forward to spending time with you all and many more in 2018!


noah and megan's doodles + diamonds: surprise engagement shoot

This morning I had the privilege of being a part of a surprise engagement shoot at Wheat's End Cafe in Ravenswood. With the managers help, Noah had planned for a light breakfast with Megan with a perfect window seat. As they sipped their coffee, Megan began to count an abnormally large amount of Doodle dogs (her favorite) walking past. It wasn't until there were about 20 dogs congregated in front of the window that she knew something was up. They went outside the cafe, bent down to pet them, and when Noah stayed on one knee she knew today was the day. She said "YES"! Not only did she get a ring, and a fiance, but also a certificate for a Doodle of her very own. Well done Noah, and congratulations you two! May the Lord continue to guide your steps and lead you towards unexpected joy-filled surprises for His namesake.


the aikens family: family shoot

It has been so fun to watch little miss Charlotte grow over the last year from a newborn into an expressive and sweet toddler! This fall we returned back to the Garfield Park Conservatory in order to capture her growth, the beautiful leaves, and her adorable relationship with her parents. Thank you so much Aiken Family for letting me journey with you all through these adorable milestones and may the Lord continue to guide you in the raising on this adorable baby girl!