noah and megan's doodles + diamonds: surprise engagement shoot

This morning I had the privilege of being a part of a surprise engagement shoot at Wheat's End Cafe in Ravenswood. With the managers help, Noah had planned for a light breakfast with Megan with a perfect window seat. As they sipped their coffee, Megan began to count an abnormally large amount of Doodle dogs (her favorite) walking past. It wasn't until there were about 20 dogs congregated in front of the window that she knew something was up. They went outside the cafe, bent down to pet them, and when Noah stayed on one knee she knew today was the day. She said "YES"! Not only did she get a ring, and a fiance, but also a certificate for a Doodle of her very own. Well done Noah, and congratulations you two! May the Lord continue to guide your steps and lead you towards unexpected joy-filled surprises for His namesake.


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  2. This morning Noah blew through Chicago proposing to the most beautiful, faithful and godly woman he could find while 20+ Doodles paraded in front of the café. Reportedly, Megan said "Yes" when she saw Noah on one knee before he could give his proposal!