amy and eric: wedding

Amy and Eric, what an absolutely joyful day full of sunshine and laughter! Your love for each other not only radiated from ear to ear but also from every fiber of your bodies. What a blessing it was to share in such a beautiful and momentous occasion of your marriage at Oak Park's Cheney Mansion! I pray that God would continue to develop and grow the love between you two as you begin to share every facet of your lives together and that this would ultimately lead you closer to Him. There is nothing greater than Love and I am so encouraged that you are beginning to taste even just a glimpse of that here on this earth through your relationship. Congratulations again and may your blessings be too countless to number!


  1. love these Amy! you captured so much energy! Really Beautiful!


  2. Nice wedding photos! A truly captured moments. Thanks for sharing this wonderful and inspirational post!

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