baby esteban lukas: newborn shoot

I can't believe it has already been two and a half weeks since this beautiful baby boy came into the world, May 17th, 2014! What a joy it is to have this amazing child of God that we have longed and prayed for for so long now before us and that he is so adorably scrumptious (I almost ate his baby-burrito-self up on the spot in the delivery room)! It hasn't been without much stress that this child has come into the world. Liz and Epi had some fairly scary moments during the delivery process and are still dealing with sleepless nights and acid re-flux, but praise God for His continued faithfulness, the prayers of His people, and the body of Christ at work! It is such a blessing to live in community with such God-fearing people who are gifted beyond belief and are committed to one another. I am so excited for Esteban to grow up surrounded by so much love, encouragement and faith. As his tia, I pray often that this boy grows to be a strong man of character, a man after God's own heart, and that he would have eyes to see and ears to hear the kingdom of God at work around Him. Praise God for His beautiful parents and my dear friends who are raising him in the ways of the Lord. Esteban, your parents love you unconditionally and I will be sure to remind you of that when I am way cooler than mom and dad :). Epi and Liz, I am also praying for you two to have wisdom, patience and discernment through the parenting process. Raising a young man in our neighborhood is no easy task and it is already so clear that it is God's strength alone that is made perfect in our weakness. He is the ultimate provider of peace, joy, safety, purpose and life. May you give each day to Him and live lives of thanksgiving and joy as you celebrate the new life that He has made from inside of you both literally and figuratively. Thank you so much for sharing each season of your lives with me and for being such amazing friends. Many blessings and much love. Welcome baby E. We love you.

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