baby ezra: family newborn shoot

What a blessings it has been to be friends with Amy and Eric through the many seasons of their life. From dating, to their marriage, the birth of their first child, and now the birth of baby Ezra! It has seriously been a joy to see the Lord's faithfulness, graciousness, and persistence enacted through this family. This is a new season for us all and it will certainly be a journey in community as you two learn to wrap your minds around what it means to be responsible for, to steward and to raise not just one but two precious gifts! Do not forget that you have a church body who is eager to help and walk alongside. With humility you have lead and we pray that the Lord continues to use you both, your home, and your strengths and weaknesses to demonstrate His strength, the truth of His word, and the power of His Spirit. Congratulations Amy and Eric on this handsome new little addition to your family! May the Lord continue to work in and through your family to bring deeply rooted abiding joy!

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