the buehler family: family portrait shoot

A couple weeks ago I was able to visit once again with the Buehler family. This time we ventured out to the Garfield Park Conservatory with its fountains, rocks, plants and pathways. No longer a newborn, it was exciting to see how much baby Emma had developed into a beautiful little girl that could interact with the world around her. The Buehler Family is now officially in full force with three active and curious little ones! Praise God for moments like these where we are able to quiet ourselves, even for just a moment to create memories and be present with those we love! Matt and Nicole, you guys are truly blessed with a beautiful family. May you continue to find grace, love and joy in your home as you seek God's face, wisdom, and strength to bring your children up in His ways. 
Much  love and encouragement! Praying for you all!

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