sarah and david: wedding

It is still absolutely ridiculous for me to think about the fact that my brother just got married. Not at the absurdity of my brother of all people getting married, but at the fact that the Lord has enabled him to commit to struggle, serve, laugh and grow with another beautiful human being for the rest of his life. I am SO excited about Sarah being in my family and getting to know her better for the woman that God has created her to be and to learn from the two of them as they traverse this life together.

What an honor it was to celebrate their union and to see their amazing and hilarious community of support. What a loving group of people who have committed to not only hold each other accountable to right living, relationships, and worship- but to having a blast and sucking the marrow out of life. Being in "wedding mode", I couldn't help but take pictures of my beautiful sister-in-law as she prepared for their wedding day and the friends and family that the Lord has given her as a testament of His love. However, when it actually came time for the wedding, being in the bridal party I had to leave my camera aside. My eyes were fully alive and I could do nothing but weep. Perhaps begin behind the camera is a way for me to observe objectively and then get home in my editing mode in front of the computer and be enamored of the beauty of the moment. But I seriously cried my way through my brothers wedding ceremony. His smile holding back the tears as he saw his bride for the first time and how beautiful and radiant she was as she walked down the isle towards him (tears). The sight of the ring on his finger as he gently placed his hand on her back as they prayed together during communion to the plucking of the banjo (tears). The announcement of Mr. and Mrs. Coles for the very first time and the ecstatic sound of joy and excitement from their friends and family in agreement of the commitment they just made (tears). Oh what a day of praise and worship, celebrating that this was and is a very good thing.

Funny how getting caught up in meeting new people, reminiscing with family members and dancing the night away, I didn't take a single portrait of David and Sarah together. That was actually the main intention of why I brought my camera in the first place, but perhaps I'll leave that to their actual photographer :).  Sarah and David, may the Lord cover your marriage under the shadow of His wing and may you both grow into a greater likeness of him as you sharpen and graciously love each other. Love you guys both more than words can express. Congratulations!

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