drea and tim: engagement

Spending Thanksgiving with your families was nothing short of a pleasure. Not only was the food amazing, but I was filled to the brim with feelings of peace and remembrance as we explored your historic part of the country, saw your old neighborhood, drank local coffee, watched the Eagles movie, read books on the couch and heard thousands of stories about your rich heritage. Your families have such adventurous and humorous personalities that it is so clear that this has influenced your sense of place in the world, your playfulness and your love for each other. Tim and Drea, I am so excited for your engagement and for your future life together. This is just the beginning of many adventure and I hope that you two find peace in this crazy holiday season ahead as you strive to hold tight to each other while you are still physically close. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Amy, these photos are absolutely fantastic!!

  2. Thanks Dana! There are a few more to check out on the 'amy coles photography' facebook site as well!