alicia and josh: wedding

What an honor it was to celebrate Memorial Day weekend with Alicia, Josh, and all of their friends and family (many of whom, including the Josh himself, have served our country in the armed forces). From horses and cabins, to woods and robins, Kilbuck Creek was an ideal rustic-chic retreat from city life, and made a beautiful backdrop for this long awaited celebration! Congratulations Alicia and Josh on your marriage, and may the Lord continue to bless you both and keep you abiding in Him. May His face shine upon you and be gracious to you as you choose to serve Him and place Him first in your marriage and your home so that you two may be witnesses together of His great name!


  1. Super awesome! Such a great wedding - you guys rock, can't wait to see you again shorter bro.

    - Kyle

  2. Lovely pictures, lovely setting, lovely couple. Congratulations, Alicia and Josh! Many blessings.

  3. Your pictures are totally wonderful. Can't wait to see the total package. Amy Coles truly "has eyes to see". She and her husband were a delight. Hope to see them again sometime. What a capture of a wonderful day and an amazing memory. Congratulations you two. Love You Forever, Mom & Dad G

  4. Yei. Love them ALL. SOOO great. Thanks so much for sharing!