alicia and sambit: engagement shoot

It was over soup and sandwiches that I first met Alicia and Sambit, and they literally and metaphorically finished each other's sandwiches :). It was clear that they were a unique pair that had overcome a number of odds to find each other and to experience the happiness of their relationship. They were strong and disciplined, goofy and spontaneous and they complimented each other well. Sambit was a "knight in shining armor" in many ways for Alicia and so she youthfully radiated like a princess in a fairy tale throughout our time together at the beloved Garfield Park Conservatory. It is with much joy that I wish that the fiery spark of light between the two of them continues to bloom and grow with their love and friendship. Congratulations Alicia and Sambit on your engagement and wedding this year! Many blessings, happiness and joy! 

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