baby toby: newborn shoot

When Mark and Val told us that Toby was born at 10lbs and 22inches, I could hardly believe it. Val was working in the office until the week before her delivery making spreadsheets and creating systems for while she was absent. It was therefore no surprise to me that during the entire photo shoot Toby fought his body, refused to go to sleep despite constant yawning. Eyes wide open, he was alert and eager to take on the world. Met with rocking and kisses, Val and Mark were some of the most patient and calm parents that I have seen. Toby's birth had surprising brought about a gift of refocus and unity for the whole family. The pace of life had slowed down to feedings and naps and with a gifting of paternity leave from the church, Mark and Val were able to really share this unique and once in a lifetime season of wonder. With classical string music in the background, I was able to observe some of the beauty of this amazing family as we all bonded in the toasty nursery on a frigged winter day.What a joy it is to welcome this little man into our Breakthrough family and to know that he is extremely loved and cared for by such God honoring parents. Mark and Valeri, we pray a special blessings of peace, provision and unity over your home for many years to come and look forward to Toby's FamilyPlex visitation with great expectation. Congratulations Mark and Val!

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