baby darryl: newborn shoot

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to spend the morning with this little stud and his mother. Darryl Johnson Jr. or DJ for short is not only absolutely adorable and a joy to be around, but a gift from God. As I watched this little guy fight the tiredness of his own body, he spoke gospel truth to me. Recently I have been thinking about how so many of us this advent season are fighting just the thing that we need most for our health and well being, peace. As Shavell and I finally got DJ to surrender and shut his eyes, it was so clear that he was at ease with his physical state, resting in the arms of his mother. May DJ be a reminder to us this season that we are most at peace when we allow ourselves to be fully vulnerable in the presence of our heavenly father/mother. Merry Christmas and congratulations Shavell!

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