the barrios family: family portrait shoot

It's been over three and a half years since Ellen and Bernardo's engagement, followed by their wedding, Mateo's second month of life, and now we are approaching on his second year of life. Man, time flies and this kid is getting huge and adventurous! What a blessing it has been to walk (and sometimes run) along side this family as not only a photographer, but also as a friend. I have learned so much from their vulnerability, wet kisses, counter-tops and cappuccinos, bravery, impromptu trips, generosity and most importantly their understanding of God's grace. Ellen and Bernardo, you guys are such amazing people. It is so encouraging to see you work so hard at choosing to bathe Mateo in mercy as you build and define your family and the way that you will love your kids. Praying for you all even now as you travel last minute to the other side of the world to see God at work and pray about what he may have in store for you all as you listen with obedience and expectancy.

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