liz and epi: first trimester maternity shoot

Liz and Epi are some of my closest friends and so I was totally stoked when I picked up Liz from the airport and she had a sneaking suspicion. We walked into Walgreen's,  purchased a pregnancy test and she told me that she would text me to let me know if it was it was for real this time. Suspicions were confirmed, and indeed the Diaz's are expecting their first child on May 20th, 2014! It feels like just yesterday that Liz was my roommate, let alone they got married! My how time flies and the Lord has continued to bless their relationship through the highs and lows that this past year has brought. I am so excited to see these two beautiful people raise Little D in a Christ-centered-servant-hearted home. Not to mention that I am a little excited to be the primary tia Amy that this child thinks of, ha :). Congratulations Liz and Epi! I am so honored to walk with you guys through this new season of life! Praying for you Little D :).

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