the garcia family: family portrait shoot

Gacia Family, you guys are too cute! What a blast it was to be able to spend time with you all this past Sunday morning in Humboldt Park with all of its beautiful falling leaves! From leaf fights and piggy backs to running and falling and flying through the air, you guys are amazing parents with your hands full! It is so fun to see your girls grow up into little people with their different personalities as they explore the world. These girls couldn't be more opposite, yet you can already see how much they care for one another. It will be so cool to see their relationship grow and develop over time. May God continue to bless your home with fun and laughter and the energy to serve hard for His kingdom not only in your immediate family, but also in the lives of the many people you come into contact with and care for on a daily basis. Praise God for the work of your hands. You guys rock, literally and figuratively :)!

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