liz and epi: surprise engagement

This Sunday my roommate and amazing friend Liz got engaged!!! What a gift it was to be able to share in her joy and to be a part of Epi's surprise engagement! My roommates, Epi and I had been planning for weeks for this day and I am so glad that things went so smoothly! Congratulations Epi and Liz, I am beyond excited for you two in this next season in your relationship and the fact that you soon will be able to spend the rest of your life together serving the Lord under one roof! Praise God for his faithfulness and grace to us, and for his ability to make masterpieces that sing His glories out of us!


  1. oh my goodness do i ever love these photos!!! can't wait to see liz and epi in person to congratulate them.

  2. Amy these are sooo beautiful!!

  3. i absolutely love all of these. i can't figure out which ones to order Amy!!!