the stipp family: family portrait shoot

Stipps, it is so crazy to think that is has only been a little over a year since our last family portrait session together. Not only have the kids grown so much between now and then, but there is also a new little Stipper on the way! It was such a blessing for my soul however for us to meet on your own turf for this Monday's afternoon adventure. Buzzing with activity and oozing with light, your home is a place where one can be enveloped in so much joy, love, beauty and creativity--cookies in the oven, markers on faces and hands, soccer and music, lots of kisses, knitting and boiling sap, artwork in every room, connect four, the Chronicles of Narnia, chalk drawings and sliding on the wooden floors in socks. So many life giving and wonderful things everywhere you look, taste, touch, smell and feel. What a joy! Thank you for your hospitality and willingness to share your lives with me!

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  1. What a absolutely beautiful way to photograph an absolutely beautiful family!! Beth's mom