the bush family: family portrait session

The last time we saw the Bush's on the blog, Jaron was waiting for his little sister Risa to be born and to share all their family secrets. Seven and a half months later, we are celebrating Risa's seven month of life! I still remember lying on their couch while Jaemey was having contractions in the other room and their rush off to the hospital to deliver. I also remember Jaemey's first pregnancy with Jaron before they even moved into Little Village! Almost three years later, the Bush family is larger and busier than ever but still filled with the same joy, humor and zeal for life. The last few years have been filled with many ups and downs; times of tears, hard labor and pee in your pants laughter, but you have not let Satan squash your joy. Glory be to God. What a wonderful gift it is to share this daily triumph with your family. Much love.

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